Five rules to a healthy heart


Beginning with at least one respect the rules - and this is to help make your heart healthier. According to statistics, alone one proper food reduces the risk of heart attack by 57%. Shall we begin?

Joking aside, the "right" mass to avoid a lot of lustiness problems that ultimately affect a heart. Waist 89 centimeter more - a real threat. Familiar teacher Medical Institute called it "fat chain": too much fat - relative insulin deficiency - in a blood glucose concentration (occurs 2 diabetes) - increases a level of cholesterol - there is atherosclerosis, high blood pressure.

And often on a chain events cultivate in people with abdominal obesity - that is, when the fat is stored mainly in the waist. With this point of view, to be a "woman-blower" (already waist hips) is much perfect than being a "girl 18 years old's red apple" (waist wider hips). Читать полностью -->

Meeting mother from a hospital: Tips for Dads


But all this is not enough to buy - you as well claim to properly equip the newborn (or a room where a child is sleeping.) For example, to collect a bed. To put it in the right place: not the battery, not the wood window, not the wood door. It would be great to hang around crib night lightness: it's strongly to have up at night to a baby in the pitch dark, and lots of sunshine do not require to involve.

And it would be wise to equipment changing desk - a put where It is possible to disguise the baby. And all novokuplennoe clothes for the baby would be fine to throw in a ablution machine and wash with child powderise.

Pram, scales, various rattles, child monitor, eye sticks, scissors for cutting nails and other indispensable (and not however) things It is possible to buy a some later - a day or two of the arriving home mother with a baby.

Feast - a mountain!

What finish thing I require to do an average young woman who has just arrived home from a hosp.? That's rightly, run by grocery stores, then make for a any hours in advance. So be sure to score a refrigerator items, but certainly tasty and healthy. Hardly a nursing mom will be pleased abundance smoked sausages, eggs, mushrooms, and yolk. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: the medication of a common coldness upon pregnancy



Very properly to a nose and throat gargle with sol water. As you can be cured, and a prevention of an excuse. This approach has helped me not to get sick upon childbearing, when it was flu season.



Do not know approximately the "stars", but "Akvamaris" and need not "help" at a coldness, if a goal - get rid of it. Its general task - thin a mucus and moisten the mucous membranes of a nose to create hygiene. Use it in a way possible and required, just require to clearly understand why. Incidentally, there are cheaper means, in essence no various with the "Akvamarisa" and the same - is saline (approachable at pharmacies), or plain aqua with sol in a proportion of 1 liter of stewing water 1 tsp. Читать полностью -->

So to save on buying infants's clothes


Children new items occasionally turn into very adult spending: clothes kids claim more than us, and grow out of jackets and shoes are much faster. Of course, for beloved babies did not mind, but it is always beautiful to save their money, not to a detriment of capacity.

Talent, beautiful, fashionable, and for pennies a baby get to wear one. There are mother-umelitsy that of a bit of fabric or skein of wool able to make a masterpiece. Somewhere in a tales are even children, get a phenomenal accuracy: their pants never tear on the knees and white blouses stay the whole time, and, of the serving his sentence, go to the younger sisters and brothers in the always new form. But for most, still collecting newborn to school or kindergarten, however rightly however the seasonal transition requires significant investment. How to cut them?

Great planning

Look around attentively with baby clothes closet. Читать полностью -->

Can I keep sex during childbearing?


As, a regular sex your is very desirable because it provides not only a strengthening of a pelvic floor muscles, but as well positive emotions and feelings for you and your baby. The fact that the uterus during orgasm slightly decreased, which is perceived by a newborn so a mild and pleasant massage. And remember, if you love and happy, and happy next child - happy hormones come to him done the blood.

Cheers! Enjoy life! You careless pregnancy and "gentle" delivery.

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